Friday, June 23, 2006

How can God, being Love, condemn anyone?!

Answer: We condemn ourselves. God loves us and no matter what we've done, how far into darkness we've fallen, He wants to save us. He loves us like a loving father or mother does who may see their son fall into bad company, drugs and jail and it hurts them but they still love him. In the same way God loves us and He does not "write us off". We write Him off. We're the one's who disregard love for others, and want nothing to do with Him, taken up with just our own desires, just like that son who knows his parents love him and he is hurting them but his own desires overcome any love for them he may have left and he continues to hurt them. Maybe even to the point where he truly doesn't care anymore and his parents are so hurt, they maybe even turn away in tears, but they still love him, they just can't take the pain he's causing them. That son has fallen into darkness, or worse become darkness, the son is the one who is distancing himself by his choices. And I think it may be like that with God, just like the parents, except His love is even greater, and us, the son. But also at any point the son/we can turn around, know love, have love and by thus be truly sorry for his/our hurting of others to the point of desiring to give restitution and thus be redeemed.

God is like light, and evil and Hell is like darkness. Darkness does not really exist on its own, merely it is the lack of light as cold is simply the lack of heat and that is why there is a limit to how cold or dark it can be, but no limit to how hot or bright. Hell and evil are simply the lack of God and we go to Hell when we refuse to have God in us, when we refuse to be with him. When we refuse to know love for others and in doing so love for God. Just like a son who refuses to stop the drugs, to stop hurting his parents, and to refuses to accept their love, help and redemption.

Where their is light, in equal proportion, there can be no darkness. If we truly know love, we truly know Jesus/God who is the Light of the World and we will be with Him in life and death. But know only selfishness and lose love, reject God and the light and I ask what happens when you turn off all light? Darkness. And if we become darkness we obviously can't be with God who, metaphorically, is light. Ultimately we have been given free choice and we choose. Yes we are affected by desires and fail sometimes, I certainly do too, I struggle and I ask you pray for me as I will pray for anyone who asks it, but we can choose in our soul. And say God gave you cards that you are born insane and you cannot make rational choices? I don't believe God will judge you spiritually on those as they weren't really your own, if he did how could that be love? But He will know your soul and your heart and judge on that.

(Isn't someone born with homosexual orientation, who cannot help that a bit similar? For discussion next post.)

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